REST API Changelog

This page contains all changes which have been made to our REST API.


Date   Change
2017-07-06 Added 4 new fields (dnsRecord, dnsCnameValue, fileLocation and fileContents) which contain the complete information needed for domain validation.
2017-07-06 The field "kvk" supports up to 32 characters.
2017-07-06 Some error messages are clarified when returned
2017-02-09 "User" types users can no longer use the API. Only Administrator and API role users can use the API.
2017-02-09 Orders getting a brand validation now show this as a status in the API
2017-02-09 Solved an issue in which a renewal or reissue had to be done with the same capitalization. This is now no longer checked
2017-02-09 Solved an issue where company and country code were not taken from the CSR
2016-10-05   Added "language" field to the request (POST) call, to specify in which language communication should be done
2016-10-05   Added the "requiresAction" field to the request object. If this has the value true, it means we are currently waiting on an action from the customer and/or reseller
2016-10-05   Repaired a bug where a postmaster DCV address would not work correctly on a .be or .eu domain
2016-08-31   Added support for sending and receiving notes to and from Validation staff. Documentation was updated to describe the added feature
2016-08-31   Allow PositiveSSL and EssentialSSL products to be ordered without a company name in the request and/or CSR as the products do not require this
2016-08-31   Improved error handling for .EU and .BE domains upon domain control validation email resends
2016-08-31   Added Request status object to the validations object for single requests

The API is updated regularly with new functions. Do you have specific wishes? We'd like to hear them.

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